Thursday 15 March 2007

13th March

DP 72

Based on a microscopic photograph of diatoms - I love those weird little things. It knocks me out that we have such amazing things on our planet.

Posted: 9.35am on 13.3.07
Returned: 15.3.07

12th March

DP 71

This is another 'sewn' line: dotted lines almost always mean sewing in my personal lexicon.

Posted: 11.45pm on 12.3.07
Returned: 15.3.07

11th March

DP 70

Even though I do it often, I am always surprised at what a huge difference reversing the colours makes to the same image.

Posted: 8.45pm on 11.3.07
Returned: 14.3.07

10th March

DP 69

I had a friend in college who made a lot of work using ladder imagery, I guess this is a little bit inspired by memories of her.

Posted: 9.10pm on 10.3.07
Returned: 14.3.07

9th March

DP 68

Lots of little seeds drifting through the air.

Posted: 9.20pm on 9.3.07
Returned: 12.3.07

8th March

DP 67

Very occasionally I'll delve into pink, although it's not a colour I'm very comfortable with because it's so gendered in Western society. Teeming it with brown, as I have here, seems to neutralise it a little bit.

Posted: 8.20pm on 8.3.07
Returned: 12.3.07

7th March

DP 66

Very occasionally a drawing seems to need words.

The rough smudging on this drawing was deliberate, I didn't even use a brush, just licked my finger and wet the ink. It reminds me that I used to have a horrible habit of licking my paintbrush - this is fine if you're using watercolour but not so great if you're painting with white emulsion, as I discovered one afternoon in life class!

Posted: 11.30pm on 7.3.07
Returned: 10.3.07

6th March

DP 65

When I look at it now, it seems to me that this drawing is also related to sewing and thread, although I was thinking of my work using matches when I drew it.

Posted: 11.10pm on 6.3.07
Returned: 9.3.07

5th March

DP 64

This was inspired by the research I'd been doing for my thread drawings.

Posted: 7.20pm on 5.3.07
Returned: 8.3.07

4th March

DP 63

I like what happens visually when I use these little lines inside larger shapes - there's something about the way they break up the white space that feels very vibrant to me.

Posted: 11.35pm on 4.3.07
Returned: 6.3.07

3rd March

DP 62

Often I'll draw from memory - these are badly remembered representations of wind on weather forecasts. I know they probably don't look like this at all but this is how they are in my head. I love little arrows: I use them in my doodles and drawings quite often so I'm quite surprised they haven't made more of an appearance on the envelopes.

Posted: 10.55pm on 3.3.07
Returned: 6.3.07

2nd March

DP 61

More diagram art - this is something to do with architectural or archaeological plans. I was thinking of city walls when I drew this.

Posted: 11.20pm on 2.3.07
Returned: 5.3.07

1st March

DP 60

Ah yes, bowls. I have an obsession with bowls and have photographed, drawn and used them in my art for years.

Posted: 11.55pm on 1.3.07
Returned: 5.3.07

28th February

DP 59

"You can never do too much drawing."

This is an idea that I'm slowly coming back around to after years of doing very little drawing. When I started the Diary Project I was worried that I would run out of things to draw before the end of the year but whilst I definitely have recurring themes and shapes, the truth is that the more I draw, the more things I find to draw and the more I learn from my drawing.

Posted: 8.50pm on 28.2.07
Returned: 3.3.07

Wednesday 7 March 2007

27th February

DP 58

Recently I've been reading a wonderful book called You Are Here: Personal Geographies and Other Maps of the Imagination by Katherine Harmon and that probably inspired these imaginary maps.

Posted: 11.35pm on 27.2.07
Returned: 1.3.07

26th February

DP 57

These were drawn with my new 'Inktense' pencils - they're a richer pigmented, water-soluble pencil from Derwent and I'm madly in love with them. I love the stronger, denser colour they give and I think I'll probably use them a lot more often than my existing coloured pencils.

Posted: 9.56pm on 26.2.07
Returned: 28.2.07

25th February

DP 56

I often think that you can tell from my drawing that I'm a sculptor. Even though I don't usually draw realistically using perspective and shadow, I still tend to draw quite three dimensionally and I think this drawing is a good example of that.

Posted: 11.45pm on 25.2.07
Returned: 27.2.07

24th February

DP 55

I've always been quite drawn to the Baroque in art so I enjoyed drawing these decorative shapes. I'm not quite sure if they're fantastical sea creatures or designs for jewellery perhaps. They remind me a little of my beloved, Ernst Haeckel, a crazy Victorian naturalist/artist whose books are a huge inspiration to me.

Posted: 11.34m on 24.2.07
Returned: 27.2.07

23rd February

DP 54

These sort of tally marks have been coming up in my drawing and my art for a couple of years now. They're very prevalent at the moment, most notably in the thread drawings that I'm currently doing.

Posted: unknown time on 23.2.07
Returned: 26.2.07

22nd February

DP 53

Most of the envelopes have been drawn from the bottom up or across the middle so it was quite nice to do one from the top down, although I found that the ridge of the envelope flap does interrupt the flow of the line when I'm drawing.

Posted: 10.34m on 22.2.07
Returned: 24.2.07

21st February

DP 52

The text reads "Why do they called them polka dots anyway?" although it should obviously be 'call' instead of 'called'. Ooops.

Posted: 11.55pm on 21.2.07
Returned: 24.2.07

20th February

DP 51

Another drawing inspired by my sculpture - this one is taken from 3 Score & 10, a sculpture containing 70 strings with 365 knots on each. Each knot represented a day, so the whole piece contains the number of days (including leap days) that you'd live if you reached your biblical 70 years. It took me about two years to make. Again, images can be seen on my flickr page.

Posted: 10.20pm on 20.2.07
Returned: 23.2.07

19th February

DP 50

Imaginary fruits drawn in my usual ink pen (Pilot V5 Extra Fine) and watercolour pencils.

Posted: 8.58pm on 19.2.07
Returned: 22.02.07

18th February

DP 49

Ah yes, my perennial obsession with pins. I've done a lot of art with pins over the last few years, you can see a few images over on my flickr.

Posted: 10.58pm on 18.2.07
Returned: 20.2.07

17th February

DP 48

Last year, when I started drawing regularly again I was working almost exclusively with a very stark, strong line and lots of blacked out shapes. While I do still like to draw in that very graphic way, recently this more wavery tentative sort of line has been coming to the fore.

Posted: 10.40pm on 17.2.07
Returned: 20.2.07

16th February

DP 47

It's very simple, but I kind of like this one.

Posted: 11.50pm on 16.2.07
Returned: 19.2.07