Friday 26 January 2007

9th January

DP 09

A lot of my envelopes are posted in the evening, sometimes quite late in the evening. Occasionally this is because the drawing or the contents have taken a while to make but more often it's because I like to take my time deciding what to put in the envelope. I try to make the contents of the envelope relevant to the day in question, so doing an envelope right at the start of the day can feel quite unsatisfying to me. Only rarely has an envelope been posted late at night because I haven't got round to it sooner, more often I do it later because it feels like a good way to round off the day. Doing my daily envelope has quickly become a habit that permeates my whole day and I spend a fair amount of the day considering what to draw and make.

Posted: 8.30pm on 9.1.07
Returned: 12.1.07

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