Thursday 2 August 2007

28th July

DP 209

When I posted it, I was worried that this drawing was too heavy and stolid but I couldn't come up with anything that I liked more. So I was quite surprised when it came back and I found that, while it wasn't one of my favourites, it was much better than I'd originally thought and I liked it well enough now.

I've read that you should always let your creative endeavours 'sit' for a little while before you judge them because having that resting period allows you to see them more clearer. It's something I've often found to be true. So if you're not sure about something you've done, put it away for a little while and then allow yourself the experience of looking at it with fresh eyes: you'll be able to see both your strengths and your mistakes far more easily.

Posted: 10.45pm on 28.7.07
Returned: 31.7.07

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