Tuesday 25 September 2007

16th September

DP 259

I love this envelope although it's much stronger in real life than on the scan - unfortunately my scanner sometimes struggles to pick up lighter ink. It's white ink over patches of dried black ink. The white ink goes a bit grey because of the black underneath, which I quite like. I could probably get it whiter if I went over the lines again but I don't like to do that because I find it usually ruins the drawing.

Posted: 11.50pm on 16.9.07
Returned: 18.9.07


Sarah said...

Your project is amazing, I'm so impressed you've done this every day this year so far (and I don't mean that to sound patronising, just that I think is would be a very hard thing to do for me and I find it very impressive!) How do you feel about your project at the moment?

ness donnelly said...

i think this is my favourite envelope so far.

ainesse said...

I echo Sarah's comments Kirsty - I have enjoyed looking at your most recent posts here on your "Diary project" blog.
Just thinking to myself, what will we do when you are finished your project.? I hope you won't dissappear as there are only a limited number of 'decent' artists' blogs. for us guys to visit.

By the way I posted a photo of Chiana (your beautiful new kitten) on my blog -- it was an "oh what an absolute sweetie" response and I just wanted to have her there.

Love the way you experiment with different materials even in very delicate and subtle ways in your daily drawings. I think if I did something along these lines i.e., making a committment to draw a certain amount each day - that it would do me good. I think I dont do as much drawing as I used to and I think that this is a loss.

ps do you get certain directives in your blog that are written in German? I can certainly see some right now.

Unknown said...

Having just now stumbled onto your blog I have to say how much I love this project of yours! The dedication to doing this everyday is amazing. I will be back again and again. I really hope that you get a gallery to showcase the project. It is very deserving.