Wednesday 10 October 2007

27th September

DP 270

Unlike the last envelope, this drawing is so elegant in its simplicity that it's easy to love. But for me there's a dark side too because it reminds me of childhood walks in waist-high bracken and the attendant fear of getting sheep ticks. Looking back, it's clear that nature frightened me quite a lot as a child - at least the insect part did - so it's quite amusing that I'm so inspired by it now. All those endless childhood nature hikes obviously left their mark.

Posted: 10.23pm on 27.9.07
Returned: 29.9.07


Cally said...

i love the ferny-ness, but also how it looks like unravelled knitting which i have an enduring passion for, often buying 2nd hand clothes for the wool but when i unravel i can be so delighted if it keeps it's memory of the knots that i never re-use it for knit or weave... i just look, hold, photograph and make into sculptures instead.

i totally identified with your thrill of the damaged envelope. it's as close to collaboration as the Royal Mail are likely to get.

I like when you put something out there and someone alters it. I make circles, swirls and other shapes outdoors from stones, sticks, soil etc. Nothing fancy, just little thing as I walk the various dogs that have passed through my life. What I love most is when I return and someone unkown has added to it, or changed the direction in some way.

I recently was making small stone circles in a mossy path and someone has start to make lines coming out from it. They are just laying them on the surface but I've been stomping them into the ground with my own so that they have a chance of lasting long enough for us to make it grow further. I wonder how it is? I've not been well enough to go there for 2 weeks, though it is only 10 mins from home. I will try soon. Each time I went I added a new bit for them to elaborate on.

Cusp said...

Came over here from Amanda Watson-Will. Great project.