Sunday 2 December 2007

18th November

DP 322

Loosely based on ash seeds, this now makes me think of whale tails and reminds me that seeing whales in the wild is one of my life's ambitions.

Posted: 11.49pm on 18.11.07
Returned: 20.11.07


Cally said...

hi kirsty,
so glad you commented, i was trying to find your blog today (as i'm FINALLY) making additions to my links on screen since my external links list has disappeared). my memory is such mush just now and I couldn't remember the name of this site.

I think you are half right about the M.E thing, I definitely give things up out of tiredness, but also I am always being tempted by the most recent thoughts in my head, which literally change every 3 minutes or so. I try to ignore them but sometimes I just have to rush off and try and make whatever it is, leaving behind a trail of paper fabric ink and thread!

je suis mode said...

This would make a good print as well.