Saturday 29 December 2007

22nd December

DP 356

I've noticed that when I'm struggling with inspiration, I often fall back into working wet into wet. It's such an easy and comfortable aesthetic for me. The centre of these drawings were worked in pen on small sections of wet paper while the outer lines were drawn on the surrounding area which was mostly dry. I like the combination of blurred and sharp lines.

Posted: 11.46pm on 22.12.07
Returned: 27.12.07

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Cally said...

like little creatures, the begginning of life, and early/simple life forms are always art to me.

want to comment on so many of the others but with my brain not working the word verification is doing my head in, i keep getting it wrong.

but you know, don't you, that i love them all, you never did a single one that i didn't like, and you did a lot that i totally LOVED. x