Saturday 29 December 2007

20th December

DP 354

I not sure what this was drawn with; the grey could be gouache or ink but I seem to recall that it was watercolour paint. I've arbitrarily decided that it still counts as a drawing as long as there's some pen on there too. Last night I was working in watercolour again and found that I couldn't bring myself to post an envelope that only had paint on, I had to do another one that also had pen - yet another hidden rule or bias that I didn't know I had. Actually, it's always baffled me why gouache or watercolour is considered painting but ink, even when you put it on with a brush, comes under the heading of drawing. There's probably some historical reason for this but it's always struck me as a bit illogical.

Posted: 11.54pm on 20.12.07
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