Sunday 18 February 2007

11th February

DP 42

I was having a very low energy day when I drew these. I remember having no clue what to draw so I fell back on an old stalwart - jellyfish. I don't remember a time when I haven't drawn jellyfish, they feature in a lot of my doodling, along with weird robotic looking bugs, who will no doubt make an appearance at some stage. These are drawn from memory so they aren't at all accurate and they're a long way from being my best drawing but I kind of like them anyway because hey, they're jellyfish!

I remember seeing a Portuguese Man-of-War drifting off the west coast of Scotland once and being hugely impressed when my dad told us how poisonous it was. Most of the jellyfish we saw in Scotland were harmless pretty little pink and blue ones. We often found large numbers stranded on the beach if there'd been a particularly high tide and my brothers would torment me by picking them up and throwing them at me or covering them with sand so I accidentally stepped on them and shrieked.

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