Sunday 18 February 2007

8th February

DP 39

I'm not all that happy with how this drawing came out. It was scrappy when I did it probably because I wasn't feeling great that day plus I was drawing in a hurry because I was on my way out to a meeting at my son's school and I wanted to get it into the post. And then it got wet whilst in the post and smudged quite a lot. Usually I like the traces of the postal journey but not on this envelope. Ah well, those are the breaks - once I've put something in the post, I'm committed and I can't change it plus I have no control over any damage done to it whilst it's out and about.

And to be honest, I quite like the honesty of that. All artists make mistakes and we all have stacks of lousy work that we destroy or don't show. A large part of being an artist lies in the editing and filtering process and learning to judge what is and isn't good work. With this project I'm having to do the editing process on a daily basis and if I make a mistake and let something through that in hindsight would have been better binned, well I have to live with that. Still, it's probably good for me!

Posted: 6.50pm on 8.2.07
Returned: unknown (oops, I don't seem to have taken a note of when it returned but it's likely to have been the 10th or 11th)

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