Friday 9 February 2007

30th January

DP 30

Oh, another science inspired drawing - it's interesting how I didn't notice this run of imagery until I came to update the blog. I certainly wasn't aware of it when I was drawing the individual envelopes.

These studies are taken from a macro photograph of a diatom that I tore out of New Scientist magazine. We get New Scientist delivered and I always cull them for imagery and interesting articles before they're recycled. I have boxes full of images from various sources that I use in my sketchbooks. I keep these for years because I never know what will inspire me. As long as I take the time to trim the images, they don't take up too much space. I store them in clear plastic folders in a couple of big plastic boxes so that sorting through them doesn't take too much time and energy. I don't have to go through thousands of images at once, I can just sort through a couple of folders. I once tried sorting them into categories but it was impossible and besides, I found that I enjoy the strange and unintended conjunctions that arise when they are filed in a random way.

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