Sunday 17 June 2007

14th June

DP 165

This very pale drawing in grey and white pen was difficult to scan well. In the end I had to increase the backlighting to get an image that was visible. It's much easier to see in real life.

Posted: 11.45pm on 14.6.07
Returned: 16.6.07


Marjojo said...

Hi Kirsty, finally I made it to your blog! Really like your drawings and the idea of the diary-project, it's good to have a train of thought/idea/structure to follow and it's lovely to see how you have a different way of drawing every day. I find drawing so difficult, even scary but feeling well enough today and inspired by you took out a sketchbook and sketched some ideas and it felt good.
Thanks for your comment a little while ago, I was thrilled to read it even if I wasn't up to answering. It's so good to receive messages, can make my day. I havn't kept in touch with people from my BA so I don't know if any of them are still doing art, but I certainly am. Every now and then I think why don't I just leave it, I'm not getting anywhere and then something in me protests loudly and on I go. I guess with ME we just have to get better at making decisions - I'll do this but not that, etc - and making the best of the energy we have.

Cally said...

loved the frondy softness of these.

loved even more finding marjojo has been here too, she really inspires and enthuses me!

all us sickly girls in one place enjoying creativity together. maybe we should do a project together (says me with no home, no materials and a VERY bad habit of no getting anything done in such circumstances. but i liked the impulse and thought it worth laying down in type anyway.