Sunday 24 June 2007

15th June

DP 166

Another drawing that started life as a doodle. I thought it had first arisen on the margins of a to-do list that I'd been doing the night before this envelope. However, I was looking through one of my notebooks tonight and I realised that it strongly echoed some jewellery designs that I'd drawn a couple of months ago. This sort of thing happens often, I think there's a certain amount of 'hiding' that needs to occur with creativity - I'll make a note or drawing, forget about it and then it'll reappear again, usually in a more developed fashion. I refer to this process as 'composting'.

I collect little drawings in all sorts of places, I have an 'official' sketchbook, which I use to document my process but my more useful books are the two small notebooks that I keep by my bed and in my handbag. I get a lot of my ideas in bed last thing at night so the bedside notebook is crucial - a lot of my work starts out in there, including this project. The handbag notebook (currently a rather fabulous Moleskine with a bright pink raw silk cover) is equally important because it's never good to be out and about without paper. Ideas and designs also congregate on post-it notes, lists and phone messages so I also end up with masses of bits of paper with cryptic scribbles on them. Although I spend a lot of time on my computer, it's pretty clear that I'm still a pen and paper girl at heart and I've resisted getting a PDA for the simple reason that you can't doodle in them.

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