Saturday 16 June 2007

7th June

DP 158

Ah, back to black. Apparently I can only go for so long without needing the security of these filled-in black shapes. I've drawn a lot in this style over the last year and every time I do, I long to be using a printing ink that would give me a really dense, rich black with crisp edges (nothing gives the same velvety black as printmaking ink). So I'm considering experimenting with screenprinting, although I've never done it at home and I'm a bit overwhelmed at the thought.

I was considering various other drawing media recently (I've been thinking of branching out from my notebooks into making single drawings that could be framed). As I was doodling and making lists, I surprised myself by writing "it's OK to have a drawing style" in the margins. Having struggled against my own drawing for years, that sudden moment of acceptance felt very profound.

Posted: 11.20pm on 7.6.07
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