Monday 25 June 2007

22nd June

DP 173

This drawing of little tied up bundles makes me very happy but I don't know why.

Posted: 11.29pm on 25.6.07
Returned: 25.6.07


ness donnelly said...

hi just found your blog via a link from a-n. find you project really intresting, i am also an artist interested in repetion and time among other ideas. i to have a blog and have just, literally, finished a 31 day project, where i made an idea into a physical piece of work everyday for 31 days. i to had a set of rules, so find your project fasinating. i will add a link to your blog and tell my readers about your project also.

Marjojo said...

I imagine that happiness is about anticipation, about imagining what these bundles might hold, about potential and possibilities and surprises. Love following your 'progress' here and amazed how different each of these small drawings are, each imbued with its own character. And agree about having at least scraps of paper always within reach to note/doodle down that flash of an idea which might otherwise be lost. Sat on my bed this morning surrounding myself with notes and torn-out pages and half forgotten drawings and the sketch-idea-thinking-book that holds slightly more evolved ideas and surprised myself with having worked out in the back of my mind a project I'd almost discarded a while ago.