Friday 20 July 2007

12th July

DP 193

I had such trouble with this day, I drew about 10 envelopes but didn't like any of them. Finally, I decided that I needed something very simple (all the other drawings had been too muddled and overly ornate) so I drew this simple pen and wash 'splatter pattern'. It was such a relief that I liked it because time was rapidly running out and I was starting to panic a little!

Posted: 11.51pm on 12.7.07
Returned: 16.7.07


Anonymous said...

ohhh, that's interesting, I had assumed it was a 'one time only' attempt each time, the idea that you would have several (in this case 10) attempts at an envelope and discarded them changes it slightly...not sure why, just does...

Kirsty said...

I wish I was good enough to get it right first time every time! I do often get it straight away but sometimes getting the right envelope takes a few goes. I'm much more concerned with getting a drawing that feels right, than with how many envelopes I go through, although 10 is unusually high.