Friday 20 July 2007

15th July

DP 196

A bit of brown for a change, this is drawn with a Pitt artists pen in the rather wonderfully named, sanguine.

When I was drawing this, I was very clear that it was a bridge but looking at it now, I see that it could just as easily be a garden or architectural plan. I like that drawing has this history of conveying information in maps, diagrams and plans as well as being used in art, it sets up a bit of a tension that intrigues me. I think it also make drawing much more familiar to us - we are surrounded by various forms of drawing our entire lives - and maybe that makes drawing a bit more approachable than some other forms of art.

Posted: 11.49pm on 15.7.07
Returned: 17.7.07

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Anonymous said...

i love this one! the lines are so intricate!