Sunday 1 July 2007

27th June

DP 178

It's surprisingly hard to draw with dots and not have them start slipping into small lines.

Posted: 10.33pm on 27.6.07
Returned: 30.6.07


The Restless Knitter said...

Hi Kristy.
I discovered your diary project through a friend of mine who was doind a similar project called 31 days. I am so intrigued by your project have have been keeping up with your progress for the last week or so.
happy doodling!


Cally said...

brilliant, love this one best this week.

ness donnelly said...

i love todays work, maybe its because it reminds me of stitch. in my mind i am drawing the dots together. was wondering what your postman thinks of all these wonderful envelopes coming to your house.

Marjojo said...

Hey, you haven't posted in a while. Hope that doesn't mean you're poorly. Beautiful drawing, something completely different again.