Thursday 12 July 2007

8th July

DP 189

I was feeling uninspired, so I had a look the art books in my study. I took down 1000 Extra/Ordinary Objects and flicked through it until my eye was caught by a picture of a Ugandan doll made from dried banana leaves. Although the original had legs and arms, I liked the shape of the torso and head, so I just drew that bit. Of course, with my love of 'variation on a theme' and repetition, I couldn't resist adding two more versions.

Apparently banana leaves are a common material in Uganda, where they are used to make all sorts of objects, including some very beautiful packaging.

Posted: 11.47pm on 8.7.07
Returned: 10.7.07

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Anonymous said...

WHAT A FANTASTIC IDEA!!!! Where have I been?